Remove Gum from Hotels and B&Bs

First impressions count. How your hotel looks outside can be a reflection to guests on what they can expect inside. Whether it’s a hotel, bed and breakfast or resort, having a clean and presentable image is important, especially when looking for your guests to return. Minimise disruption and remove unsightly chewing gum in seconds, with our chewing gum removal systems. 

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Benefits of Ecogum:

  • Vaporises gum in seconds

  • Suitable for any surface

  • Lightweight and ultra-portable

  • Completely silent

  • No disruption

  • Cordless

  • Easy-to-use

  • Sanitises and cleans

  • Interior and exterior*

Remove Chewing Gum with Ease

Unsightly and unhygienic chewing gum is commonly discarded onto pavements, entrances and seating areas; when left untreated it becomes dirty and can deter customers. For hospitality venues (especially those which serve food) the appearance of outside areas and frontages can be crucial for gaining and retaining customers.  

Our range of Ecogum machines will completely remove gum in a few seconds. It is suitable for any surface, with no risk of damage including: 

  • Entrance Mats

  • Tarmac

  • Concrete

  • Stone

  • Vinyl

  • Wood

  • Metal

Our Chewing Gum Littering Solutions

Choose the right machine for you

Ecogum E-MaxE Ecogum Maxi Ecogum Midi Ecogum Mini
Electric Gas Gas Gas
Images EcoGum E-MaxE EcoGum Maxi EcoGum Midi EcoGum Mini
Batteries 2 x Interchangable Lithium-ion 1 x Fixed Lithium-ion 1 x Fixed Lithium-ion 1 x Fixed Lithium-ion
Runtime 80 Mins Per Battery 8 hours 8 hours 4 hours
Charging 100 Mins to charge per battery Overnight Overnight Overnight
Weight (Fully Loaded) 7.5kg 9.5kg 7.5kg 7.5kg
Lance Weight 1.2kg 2.4kg 2.4kg 2.4kg
Exteriror Use Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal Use Yes No No No
Handheld Controller Yes Yes Yes No
Case Durable ABS Durable ABS Canvas Canvas
Price £3,460.00 £3,145.00 £2,620.00 £2,305.00
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