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We’ve got nothing against chewing gum, as it freshens your breath, cleans your teeth and can also calm the mind. However, if a piece is discarded onto the ground or another surface rather than into a bin, that’s where problems arise. Litter is bad enough, but a single piece of chewing gum can spoil the effect of business premises or a public setting. Once it’s been trodden on a few times, it quickly becomes an ugly and unwelcome part of its surroundings and can be extremely difficult to remove.

That’s why Eco Removal Systems invented the Ecogum range. We’re based in Smethwick in Birmingham and help customers across the world to remove unwanted materials in a fast, easy and eco-friendly way. Over the years we’ve expanded our range of units, each of which use innovative patent technology to keep streets clean at an affordable price.

Machines designed by experts

The first model, the Ecogum PRX1, was released in 2013 and proved a huge success. At this early stage we already had further developments in the pipeline, so it wasn’t long before a wider range of Ecogum machines hit the market. 

These were created using all of the customer feedback we’d received for the PRX1, leading to three unique models with parts that offer higher performance, a purpose-built backpack using ABS plastic, a handheld controller and up to 8 hours of continuous run time. 

The result was the Ecogum Mini, Midi and Maxi, which are used worldwide.

Ecogum Mini Ecogum Midi Ecogum Maxi Ecogum E-MaxE

Choose the right model for your needs

The Ecogum Mini is a handy little unit with huge potential. Carried in a lightweight backpack, it offers 4 hours of battery life and a control unit on the case, making it a great choice for the removal of chewing gum and sticky labels over shorter periods.

Going up the scale, the Ecogum Midi is the unit you need if you want easier access to the control unit, as it’s handheld rather than mounted on the case. This model lasts for 8 hours between charges, making it ideal for a full day’s work. Then we have the Ecogum Maxi, the king of eco-friendly cleaners. With a handheld control unit, 8 hours of continual operation and the addition of a hard, robust outer casing, it offers total resilience combined with comfort and ease of use.

The entire Ecogum range is popular around the UK and even overseas, as we export our premium yet affordable chewing gum removal machines all over the world.

Quality guaranteed: All parts, labour and transport costs are covered by a 12-month warranty

You spoke, we listened

We pride ourselves on responding to feedback and ideas from our customers, which has enabled the development of a British product that is simple to use and kind to the environment whilst delivering top results every time.

Thanks to the technology eliminating the need for high-pressured hoses, there’s no overspray into any area other than the target. This means that the Ecogum range is suitable for even the busiest surroundings at any time of day or night, helping you to keep your premises, parks or city free from chewing gum and stray sticky labels 24/7.

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