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Ecogum Truck

The Fully Battery-Powered Lithium-ion



Ecogum Truck Features:

  • Motorised cart
  • 7-mile range
  • 3.5 hours gum removal
  • Equipped with waste and recycling bins
  • Suitable for rugged environments
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Light carbon fibre lance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Offers high performance and reliability
  • Manufactured in Great Britain

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Comprehensive Litter Picking Equipment

The Ecogum Truck is engineered to address demanding cleaning tasks in public and communal areas. Tailored with the operator's convenience in focus, this truck simplifies the removal of litter, chewing gum, stickers, and graffiti tags.


Fully motorised and featuring spacious waste and recycling bins alongside an integrated gum remover, it offers all the necessary tools to tackle any litter type - even including litter picker equipment!

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Did you know? An astonishing 2 million items of litter end up on the streets of the UK alone, yet this issue extends globally. 


Among this mountain of discarded litter, there's one particular issue – chewing gum. Unlike paper or food waste, chewing gum isn't going anywhere on its own.


Chewing gum doesn't break down naturally, so it clings to our streets, making them look unattractive. The longer it stays, the harder and costlier it is to remove.


That's where the Ecogum Truck shines. It effortlessly tackles this problem, keeping our cities and shared spaces clean and even encouraging better habits.

What Makes the Ecogum Truck Special?

  • Effort Saving - Offering a range of up to 7 miles, this battery-operated litter truck minimises manual labour. Say goodbye to the strain of pushing heavy equipment across long distances.

  • Gum Dissolution - The onboard chewing gum removal machine completely dissolves gum within seconds, operating for up to 3.5 hours per battery charge.

  • Continuous Operation - Our fully interchangeable battery system enables the storage and connection of additional batteries, extending both range and operating time.

  • Durable Construction - Designed to endure any terrain, this litter-picking trolley boasts a robust build and all-terrain wheels. Its user-friendly controls ensure accessibility for all, without extensive training.

  • Sustainability Focus - Featuring two spacious bins for waste and recyclables, it's not just about cleanup; it's about looking after the environment too.

  • Ready for Action - Equipped with all essential litter-picking tools, it's ready to tackle cleanup tasks straight out of the box.

Product PDF downloads

Mega Pack

Mega Pack


Contains 3 x 5L Gum Remover Solution, 3 x Round Brush (Hard) and 2 x Round Brush (Soft).


Round Brush Hard

Round Brush



For any hard surface including tarmac, concrete, block paving and natural stone. 


Round Brush Hard

Round Brush



For more delicate surfaces including painted surfaces, entrance mats and wood.


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