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Revolutionising Litter Picking with our Litter Picking Trolley

At Eco Removal Systems, we take pride in pushing the boundaries of cleaning technology, and our latest innovation, the Ecogum Truck, exemplifies this commitment. This fully battery-powered lithium-ion litter-picking trolley is set to transform how we approach litter management in public and communal spaces. Let's delve into the features and benefits that set the Ecogum Truck apart from other options on the market.


Key Features of the Ecogum Truck


Motorised Convenience

The Ecogum Truck is equipped with a powerful motor that allows for effortless movement over a range of terrains. With a 7-mile range on a single charge, it significantly reduces the physical strain associated with traditional litter-picking methods. No more pushing heavy equipment—let the Ecogum Truck do the hard work for you.


Efficient Gum Removal

Chewing gum is a notorious nuisance, sticking stubbornly to pavements and public areas. The Ecogum Truck features an integrated gum removal machine that dissolves gum in seconds, capable of running for up to 3.5 hours per battery charge. This makes quick work of even the most stubborn gum spots, leaving surfaces clean and inviting.


All-Terrain Durability

Constructed to endure rugged environments, the Ecogum Truck's robust design and all-terrain wheels ensure reliable performance across various surfaces. Whether you're cleaning city streets, parks, or other communal areas, this trolley can handle it all.


Eco-Friendly Operation

Sustainability is at the core of the Ecogum Truck's design. Equipped with separate bins for waste and recyclables, it promotes environmentally responsible litter management. Its battery-powered operation further reduces the carbon footprint compared to petrol-powered alternatives.


User-Friendly Design

Ease of use is paramount in the design of the Ecogum Truck. A lightweight carbon fibre lance, user-friendly controls, and an intuitive interface mean that operators of all experience levels can quickly become proficient in using the trolley. This minimises training time and maximises efficiency.


Continuous Operation

For extended cleaning tasks, the Ecogum Truck's fully interchangeable battery system is a game-changer. Additional batteries can be stored and connected seamlessly, extending both the operational range and duration without interruption.


Why Choose the Ecogum Truck?


Comprehensive Cleaning Solution

The Ecogum Truck is more than just a litter picker. It comes equipped with all essential tools, including litter picker equipment, making it a versatile solution for various types of litter, from chewing gum to stickers and graffiti.


High Performance and Reliability

Manufactured in Great Britain, the Ecogum Truck boasts high performance and reliability. It's built to tackle demanding cleaning tasks and ensure that public and communal areas remain clean and appealing.


Immediate Availability

The Ecogum Truck is ready for action right out of the box. Its comprehensive toolset and user-friendly design mean that you can start your cleaning tasks immediately, without the need for extensive setup or adjustments.


Addressing a Global Issue

Litter, particularly chewing gum, is a persistent problem worldwide. In the UK alone, millions of items of litter end up on our streets every year. Chewing gum, in particular, does not break down naturally and poses a significant challenge to cleanliness and aesthetics in urban areas.

The Ecogum Truck is designed to address this issue head-on, offering an efficient, eco-friendly solution that not only cleans but also encourages better habits in our communities. By maintaining cleaner spaces, we can foster a greater sense of pride and responsibility among the public.


Ready to Revolutionise Your Litter Management?

If you're ready to take your litter-picking efforts to the next level, the Ecogum Truck is the solution you've been waiting for. To learn more about this innovative product or to discuss your specific needs with one of our experts, call us on 0121 558 1550.


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Join us in making a significant impact on our environment with the Ecogum Truck. Cleaner streets and public spaces are just a call away. Visit our website to view FAQs, download the product brochure, and explore our range of consumables designed to keep your Ecogum Truck running at peak performance.

Together, we can achieve a cleaner, greener future.


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