Introducing the Ecogum Truck

The Fully Battery-Powered Lithium-Ion Litter Picking Trolley

Eco Removal Systems is excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation: the Ecogum Truck. This cutting-edge, fully battery-powered, lithium-ion litter-picking trolley represents a significant leap forward in eco-friendly public cleaning technology. Engineered and manufactured in Great Britain, the Ecogum Truck is designed to tackle the most demanding cleaning tasks in public and communal areas with ease and efficiency.


Key Features of the Ecogum Truck

Motorised Cart with 7-Mile Range

The Ecogum Truck is a fully motorised cart that boasts a remarkable range of up to 7 miles on a single charge. This impressive range ensures that operators can cover extensive areas without the physical strain of manually pushing heavy equipment.

3.5 Hours of Gum Removal Power

Equipped with an onboard chewing gum removal machine, the Ecogum Truck can dissolve gum within seconds, providing up to 3.5 hours of continuous operation per battery charge. This feature ensures that operators can maintain a clean and gum-free environment efficiently.

Integrated Waste and Recycling Bins

The Ecogum Truck is designed with the environment in mind, featuring spacious bins for both waste and recyclables. This dual-bin system promotes sustainable waste management practices, making it easier to sort and recycle litter on the go.

Built for Rugged Environments

Durability is at the core of the Ecogum Truck's design. With its robust construction and all-terrain wheels, this trolley is built to withstand the harshest environments, from city streets to rugged parks. Its user-friendly controls ensure that anyone can operate it without extensive training.

Light Carbon Fibre Lance

The inclusion of a light carbon fibre lance makes the Ecogum Truck easy to handle, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing the overall efficiency of litter picking and gum removal tasks.

Eco-Friendly and High Performance

Eco Removal Systems is committed to sustainability. The Ecogum Truck is not only eco-friendly but also delivers high performance and reliability, making it an indispensable tool for maintaining clean public spaces.


Benefits of the Ecogum Truck

Effort-Saving Design

The Ecogum Truck's motorised capabilities and extensive range eliminate the need for manual labour, allowing operators to focus on thorough cleaning rather than struggling with heavy equipment.

Continuous Operation with Interchangeable Batteries

The fully interchangeable battery system allows for the storage and connection of additional batteries, extending both the range and operating time of the Ecogum Truck. This feature ensures uninterrupted cleaning operations, even in larger areas.

Ready for Immediate Use

The Ecogum Truck comes fully equipped with all essential litter-picking tools, ready to tackle any cleanup task straight out of the box. Whether it's litter, chewing gum, stickers, or graffiti tags, this trolley has you covered.

Manufactured in Great Britain

Proudly manufactured in Great Britain, the Ecogum Truck represents the pinnacle of British engineering and innovation. It's a testament to our commitment to quality, reliability, and environmental sustainability.

The Ecogum Truck is a game-changer in the realm of public and communal area cleaning. Its advanced features, combined with eco-friendly design and robust performance, make it the ideal solution for municipalities, parks, and other public spaces committed to maintaining cleanliness and sustainability.

Get ready to transform your cleaning operations with the Ecogum Truck – where high performance meets eco-friendly innovation. Stay tuned for more updates and be the first to experience the future of litter picking and gum removal.


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