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Safely removes chewing gum, sticky labels, oil stains, rubber and more

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No matter how hard you try to tidy streets, pavements and other surfaces are often spoilt by discarded chewing gum that’s very difficult to remove. Not only does this create an eyesore, especially as the gum darkens with dirt, it can also stick to footwear and clothing, proving a menace for visitors and the general public.

That’s why we designed the Ecogum range of machines, which are manufactured right here in the UK. An ecological solution to a worldwide problem, there’s no better way to remove chewing gum and sticky labels quickly and effectively.

Removes gum in record time

By combining our specialist technology and the expertise of our dedicated engineers, the Ecogum range guarantees the removal of any materials and substances that have become attached to the ground, seating and other surfaces.

Specifically designed so that there’s no need for high-pressure hoses whilst eliminating unwanted spray into surrounding areas, Ecogum has a continuous operating cycle of 4-8 hours depending on the chosen unit. What’s more, it uses only eco-friendly detergents, meaning that the entire process is kind to the planet and has no negative effects on the environment.

See how easy it is to remove chewing gum and sticky labels in seconds.

How does it work?

The Ecogum range has been designed around simplicity and effectiveness in equal measure. The operative wears a comfortable, ergonomic and self-contained backpack that allows total freedom of movement and ease of use.

The machine is powered by a lithium battery, pumping the eco-friendly detergent into a boiler/heater for heating. Once it has reached optimal temperature, the detergent is then shot out of the attached lance at approximately 95-100 degrees, quickly vaporising the gum with minimal effort.

Use on a range of materials

Our state-of-the-art cleaning system works wonders on concrete and block paving, but that’s not where its application ends. You can use the Ecogum range to clean wooden floors, natural stone and even entrance mats, achieving a clean environment inside and out.

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