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The Ecological way to remove Gum!

Our team of experts can remove thousands of pieces of gum per day from, Tarmac, Block Paving, Concrete, Natural Stone and many more, even entrance matting!

Using an Eco friendly detergent that vaporises the discarded gum away causing no damage to any surface. Our unique solution is manufactured from renewable sources and is based on a sugar surfactant rather than oil based making it completely bio – degradable

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When using our Professional Gum Removal Service:

  • No Water Spray – So there’s not gallons of water everywhere!
  • No pressure washing – The discarded gum is vaporised, so the gum doesn’t get washed away into drains also causing no damage to any surface.
  • Completely silent – Cleaning can be carried out at any time day or night!
  • No need to barrier off areas! – The Ecogum is fully portable, housed in a self-contained backpack allowing our operator’s complete freedom of movement to remove discarded gum from any area. There is no trailing leads causing no danger or disruption to the public, making it suitable when working in both populated and busy areas.

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Hiring an EcoGum unit on an ad hoc basis is highly affordable.

Our hire prices start from £100 a day.

Whether it’s for a local authority, a public sector organisation, an events management agency or a private business, an Ecogum machine is the perfect way to keep streets, relaxation areas and public gardens clean and tidy.

Specially designed to remove chewing gum, sticky labels and more from all types of surfaces, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without Ecogum.

Talk to our sales team 0121 558 1550

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Temporary hire for any duration

Whilst we’ve ensured that all of our machines are affordable and excellent value for money, we understand that you might be working to a very strict budget. It wouldn’t be fair if you were unable to keep your pavements and premises clean due to a price tag, which is why we offer a hire service for any duration you require.

Whether it’s for a clean-up after a festival or large event, a citywide public realm project or simply a much-needed urban spring clean, simply get in touch for a tailored quote on any of our Ecogum models.

We guarantee you’ll love the results

We don’t want to dissuade you from hiring, but we will say that multiple customers have hired a machine, only to then purchase one shortly after. This is thanks to the incredible performance and ease of use of our Ecogum range, expertly designed to make the removal of gum, grease and grime effortless whilst remaining entirely eco- friendly.

We suggest that you consider how often you might need an Ecogum unit, as buying one now could actually make significant savings in the long run.

Clever design for easy operation

The Ecogum range has been created so that there’s no need for high-pressure hoses or harmful chemicals. Instead, an in-built system that’s carried on the
operative’s back heats up the environmentally friendly detergent to 95-100 degrees, which is then used to vaporise gum and stains without any spray affecting the surrounding area

This means that gum and graffiti removal requires only one person and takes mere seconds, which can dramatically cut down your existing costs for this otherwise lengthy and laborious task.

The detergent that we use is turned into a PH neutral steam that gets the job done without any fuss or disruption to the public. Eliminating the need for power cables and offering silent operation, Ecogum can be used anywhere at any time, plus it’s gentle enough not to blast sand out o cracks yet has the power to remove chewing gum in an instant. It truly is the most reliable, effective and affordable eco-friendly cleaning system on the global market.

Not just for pavements - The Ecogum range is great on pavements and block paving, plus it can be applied to wooden floors, natural stone and even entrance mats without damaging or marking the surface. Say hello to a cleaner and happier local environment!

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